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About Us

“CULTIVATING ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE” is the foundation in which InFocus Sports Training is built. InFocus Sports Training specializes in football training for athletes of all levels. InFocus offers Quarterback Training, Speed and Performance Training, Position Specific Training and NFL Combine and Pro Day Training. The InFocus staff prides itself in helping athletes reach their potential by paying attention to detail and technique. The laid-back family atmosphere and no frills environment allows athletes to maximize their abilities and gain that competitive edge. InFocus trained athletes continue to garner accolades and attention at all levels of competition. We here at InFocus care about the athletes we train. It is important to us to see our athletes succeed both on and off the field. We are proud to be a small part of the journey in helping our athletes achieve their goals.


team 1


Levar Johnson


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Brian Griffitts


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Outstanding Resources we provide

Regardless of your skill level, a good program offers the following:


  • Drills

  • Instruction and mentoring

  • Strength work

  • Conditioning

Not a Pro Athlete?

Don't worry, we have programs for High School football mentoring as well as all-ages fundamentals development.

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What We Do?

We provide the tools and training to take your game to theNEXT LEVEL.

Quaterback Training

InFocus ELITE quarterback instruction stresses fundamentals and technique to help quarterbacks achieve their goals. InFocus provides individual and small group training for all levels of quarterback.

NFL Combine and
Pro Day Training

InFocus Sports Training is located minutes away from downtown Indianapolis and the NFL Combine. InFocus offers small group performance training sessions to give each athlete individualized attention combined with elite position specific training. InFocus NFL Combine and Pro Day alums continue to post some of the top measurables in their respective draft classes.

Position Specific Training

InFocus Sports Training offers position specific football training for high school and collegiate football players. Get instruction from our team of coaches and hone your skill level by participating in our offseason drop-in sessions. We also offer small group instruction for athletes looking to improve their skill set during the offseason.

Have You heard the buzz about us?

Take a look at some of the media about us to get a feel for who we are and what we can do for you.

Article Description/Facts

ClientRiley Neal
DateJune 2014
SkillsQuarterback training, Strength and Conditioning
Subject USA Today article on Ryan

Riley Neal talks about his commitment to Ball State University and continuing the family tradition of playing for Ball State.

Audio clip Description/Facts

ClientMultiple covered
DateMay 12, 2016
SkillsMultiple Disciplines covered
SubjectCoaches Box with InFocus

Brian Griffitts and Levar Johnson stopped by the “Coaches Box” on Regional Radio Sports Network to chat with Paul Condry about all things related to football and sports performance.

Article Description/Facts

ClientWendall Williams
DateMay 5th, 2016
SkillsStrength and Conditioning
SubjectWendall Williams sets 40 record at regional combine

Wendall Williams’ 4.19 seconds 40 yard dash had the football world buzzing.

Combine / Pro Day Preparation part 1

ClientAll Combine / Pro Day hopefuls
DateFeb 2016
SkillsAll Positions, Strength and Conditioning video about the Combine/Pro day preparation program (part 1).

Brian Griffitts and Levar Johnson discuss the InFocus NFL Combine and Pro Day Training held at Sparta Training Academy.

Article Description/Facts

ClientHunter Johnson
DateNov 14th, 2016
SkillsQB training, Skills, strenth and conditioning
SubjectHunter Johnson is a US Army All-American

Nations #1 prep quarterback receives Army All American Game jersey

Clemson commit Hunter Johnson will play his last high school game as a U.S. Army All-American before enrolling early with the Tigers.

project 6

Picture Description/Facts

ClientBrian Griffitts in action
DateJuly 2016
SkillsRange of Motion, Strength and Conditioning
SubjectBrian works a client out during a Summer Session.

This workout was tailored specifically to meet the needs of the athlete and careful attention was maintained to ensure success in reaching stated goals and moving towards Athletic Excellence.

Combine / Pro Day Preparation part 2

ClientAll Combine / Pro Day hopefuls
DateFeb 2016
SkillsAll Positions, Strength and Conditioning video about the Combine/Pro day preparation program (part 2). Click the pic to watch the video!

Former Indianapolis Colts, Dan Muir and Dylan Gandy talk about helping NFL hopefuls prepare for the NFL Scouting Combine and their respective collegiate pro days.

project 8

Picture Description/Facts

ClientBrian Griffitts
DateJuly 2016
SkillsCoordination, Strength and Conditioning
SubjectBrian works an athlete out during a Summer Session

This workout was tailored specifically to meet the needs of the athlete and careful attention was maintained to ensure success in reaching stated goals and Cultivating Athletic Excellence.

project 9

Picture Description/Facts

Client2016 Combine Group
DateFebruary 2016
SkillsMultiple Disciplines
SubjectBrian lays out the training plan for the Combine Prep Group

The 2016 Combine Preparation group was the most successful so far for InFocus Sports Training!

project 10

Picture Description/Facts

ClientKeith Wenning
DateFebruary 2016
SkillsQuarterback Training
SubjectLevar works Quarterback Skills development and Theory with Keith.

Keith was very happy with the sessions, and was able to take what he learned with him to place very well at the Combine.

project 11

Picture Description/Facts

ClientChandler Harnish
DateFebruary 2016
SkillsQuarterback Skills Training
SubjectLevar works with Chandler on Skill Drills

Chandler is currently putting his skills to work as ????

project 12

Picture Description/Facts

ClientHunter Johnson
DateJune 2016
SkillsQuarterback Skills and Conditioning
SubjectLevar and Hunter at the Infocus Sports / Sparta training facility

Hunter was able to use the skills he developed with InFocus to become an Army All-American. We have a link to the article about it attached to his other picture.

Video Description/Facts

ClientJames O'Shaughnessy
DateMay 5th, 2014
SkillsPosition Specific Training, Strength and Conditioning
SubjectArea Scout Terry Delp on TE James O'Shaughnessy

Area Scout Terry Delp gives his thoughts on Chiefs 5th round selection James O'Shaughnessy

  • project 1

    Riley Neal finds fit at Ball State

    Quarterback Training SUCCESS!

  • project 2

    Coaches Box

    Listen to Infocus from 5/12/16

  • project 3

    Wendall Williams sets record time!

    Read the article about his 40yd time.

  • project 4

    Combine/ProDay Prep Part 1

    The Program

  • project 5

    Hunter Johnson

    to play in Army All-American game

  • project 6

    Session workout

    James O'Shaughnessy with Brian Griffitts
    during Summer Session

  • project 7

    Combine/ProDay Prep Part 2

    Former Colts Players

  • project 8

    Session Workout

    Brian works with Chiefs Tight End
    James O'Shaughnessy

  • project 9

    2016 Combine Prep Group

    Brian takes them through the plan...

  • project 10

    Keith Wenning

    Levar going over technique with Keith Wenning

  • project 11

    Chandler Harnish

    Levar works him through QB Skill Drills

  • project 12

    Hunter Johnson

    Levar and Hunter Johnson at InFocus

  • project 13

    James O'Shaughnessy

    Area Scout Terry Delp on
    TE James O'Shaughnessy

Modern athletes are smart enough to seek out the tools they need to win.

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What do our clients have to say?

We have a proven track record of success. Here are a few of our satisfied athletes:

“They did everything right. I had a great experience with the InFocus training program. The whole staff there was extremely accepting and helpful in every aspect of what we needed for the pre-Combine process. Brian was unbelievable. It’s difficult to work with some coaches but Brian was very easy to talk to. If you had any type of issue or anything that needed extra work, any type of help, Brian was always there. He would be there at the crack of dawn if you needed him. And Levar ... Levar is probably one of the best skill position coaches I’ve ever worked with—if not the best. I have to attribute a lot of my success at the Pro Days to him. When it came to route running and catching the ball, I needed a lot of improvement when I got there and he did a great job. Going into your Pro Days, you need to close your blinders and focus on the task at hand and it’s a very tough time; a very stressful time. You really need to buckle down and focus. They do a great job of setting up a proper atmosphere for that ...... having not only daily routines, but were also very helpful with other stress relievers. If we needed anything on the weekend, they suggested something that would be healthy and helpful for us to just get our minds off of the challenging task we had to do. They did a great job of bringing out the best in me.”


“It was a great opportunity for me to be able to go out to Indianapolis and see some new faces and meet some new people. It was really good for me and James and Rob to go out there and have that one-on-one, hands-on attention. Brian and Levar...they’re great coaches. When I first got there, I didn’t have the form that I needed to be fast enough at the professional level. Brian really helped me increase my speed, over a short span of time. I changed positions senior year of college so it was a big transition. Coming in after the season was over with, I didn’t have too much coaching in the receiver position. All the field work with Levar really helped me. Levar was definitely a huge part of my success. I’m really glad I went out there because I don’t think I would have gotten the same results had I gone somewhere else that did not give me that one -on-one attention. Everybody that’s a part of the Sparta and InFocus family showed a lot of love and support throughout the whole training and the transition into the Combine, so it was really great!


"Athletic excellence is a continuing work in progress.

EVERYONE has room to learn and improve."

Current and Upcoming Events

Please see the following table for our program offerings, but feel free to contact us with any questions.

Winter Drop-In Sessions - 2017

  • Open to all High School Athletes
  • Position Specific Training
  • Speed and Performance Training
  • Sunday, January 22nd 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, January 29th 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, February 5th 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, February 12th 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, February 19th 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, February 26th 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, March 5th 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • $15/session
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